Try Before You Buy
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You have probably seen software products that offer a demo version or allow use for a specific period of time for free. These are Try-Before-You-Buy products, sometimes called Shareware or Trialware.

The Try-Before-You-Buy principle is a great way for vendors to work with their clients. It's much simpler to directly show the user how the program works on their own computer instead of providing long text descriptions of the features of the products, making special presentations or using other advertising materials. From the user's point of view, it's much better to see the product in action instead of relying on opinion based on articles, text descriptions or user manuals.

After downloading and installing the program to your system, you can fully test all the features of the product and form your own opinion about its quality, ease-of-use and other characteristics. And you can use the program absolutely free during the trial period (usually 30 days).

You buy the program only after you're sure it completely suits your needs. Thus, you know whether this program meets your needs and if it's worth the money – before actually paying. Try-Before-You-Buy allows you to pay only if you're completely satisfied with the product, a convenient and money-saving way to buy.

If you have purchased at least one product on a try before you buy basis, you'll probably never want to do anything else again.