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Since the Internet became popular and available to anyone, the way software products are distributed has changed a lot. Anytime, from anywhere in the world, you can download software to your computer directly from the vendor's website!

There's no longer a need for boxes, CDs or diskettes. You don't have to go to a store or wait several days for delivery. And you always get the most recent and updated version of the product at the vendor's website. You don't need to pay for disks with updates and improvements – you just download the new version from the Internet.

Distributing software products over the Internet is very convenient for both vendors and users. The developer uses website or e-mail to notify users of the release of a new version. Then users download the software the website.

Warning: Software should be downloaded only from vendors' or their authorized partners' websites. Files should be checked for viruses and other malicious software after downloading. Do not trust suspicious websites or e-mail from unknown people offering program downloads. Such sites and spam mailings are one of the most prevalent ways of distributing viruses, spyware and other dangerous software. Be careful.