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You will receive your registration via email or on CD. You should apply the registration key on each computer where Backup Expert is used. The evaluation version becomes registered when you enter the registration key, so you needn't to download and install the program again.

You can enter the registration key in few ways:
1.Click on Register item in the program menu. A key input form will appear. The registration key is too long, so better use a clipboard to copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the key.  
2.If the registration email has a regkey.txt file attached, copy this file to the folder where the Backup Expert software is installed.  
3.If you have a disc, press Register button on a program page in the CD Shell.  

The registered program doesn't show a trial reminder on startup. So if you do everything right, you shouldn't see that reminder, and your registration information appears in the About dialog.