Backs up files and data of any type

Backup Expert can store all or some of your files and preferences. You can choose to back up your files and documents or entire My Documents folder, digital pictures and music, email messages and accounts, Internet Explorer favorites and FireFox bookmarks, desktop shortcuts and Start menu items, and just about anything else!

Backing up progress in Backup Expert software

Customizes Easily

No need to hunt for exact disk locations of your files and settings! Simply select what you'd like to back up, and Backup Expert will do the rest for you. Make full or incremental backups to save on recordable media, specify volume size to fit exactly on CDs, DVDs, or memory cards, log backup operations, use advanced command line interface, send email notifications, and access many more customization options through the intuitive user interface.

Stores anywhere

You can select any location for your backups with no additional software required. Backup Expert can store your data on your local hard drive or a USB memory card, CDs and DVDs, flash sticks and USB hard drives, even remote computers on a local network or over FTP.

You may backup your data to local or network drive, FTP server or CD, DVD, BluRay disc

Runs on a schedule

No need to remember to do a backup! Backup Expert will do your backups on a regular basis according to a custom schedule. Would you like to back up your files and settings every Friday night? You've got it! Your work is so important that you need daily backups? No problem!

Protects Your Privacy

Backup Expert can protect your information with a password, encrypting backups with industry-standard AES 128 and 256 algorithms. To protect yourself from malicious persons making unauthorized snapshots of your system, Backup Expert can be launch-protected with a password. No one without the password will be able to even run BackUp software, let alone steal your data!

Backup Expert software settings

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