AQUATRA company

We own BACKUP-EXPERT.COM web site and distribute Backup Expert software worldwide. Our corporative web site is

Our mission

Our mission is to earn a lot of money, buy an island and build our own town there :) That would make our lives merry and interesting. Having lots of happy clients around the world is also important, and becoming famous would be good. But there's just something about having our own island... :)

How it began

The idea of creating a company that would not only produce software but also distribute and promote other vendors' products started back in 2004. We've been preparing since the middle of 2005, but we consider April 1, 2006, the day we opened our Web site, to be our birthday. Nothing will stop us from changing this world for the better :)

Who do this

The leader of our team is Anton Karpenko (aka KARPOLAN). The founder of several IT companies (ABF, UtilMind), he is well-known among the software vendors of Canada and Europe.

Our team consists of few people who have lots of experience in software development, marketing, SEO, and software distribution.

Mailing address

If you have interesting post card, posters, or souvenirs - you may send it to us :)

#101 - 1001 W. Broadway, 381
Vancouver, BC
V6H 4E4

Note: Don't send checks, orders, or any other payments directly to the above address. See the ordering page for details.

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