Backup Expert software

Backup Expert is powerful backing up software to make a protected copy of any critical data on your computer. You will be able to store all important data in a compressed backup file. You may also encrypt your backup archive with the password.

Backup Expert software

To protect your data from power loss or hardware malfunction, BackUp allows you to store the backup file outside the PC: burn it on CD or DVD disc, save to external USB or HDD drive, write to other computer via network, or even upload to FTP web server!

With Backup Expert you and your data are always safe and protected!

Developer and technologies

Backup Expert software is based on technology by Insofta Development. More over this product is developed in deep partnership between AQUATRA and Insofta Development companies.

Due to strong knowledge of our technical partner, Backup Expert program one of the best solutions on the market.

Backup Expert distribution

Backup Expert product is distributed on a Try Before You Buy basis. You can download and evaluate our software absolutely free.

You buy the BackUp program only after you're sure it completely suits your needs. Thus, you know whether this program meets your needs and if it's worth the money - before actually paying. Try Before You Buy allows you to pay only if you're completely satisfied with the product, a convenient and money-saving way to buy.

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